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I saw some recent blog posts about updating the UI from an asynchronous thread using the Dispatcher in a Windows Phone C# App. Very useful tips, but C# is no longer the only game in town for Windows Phone! What if you are developing a Direct3D/C++ Windows Phone App and you need to get to the UI from another thread?

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Windows Developer Show – Ep 122

While I was out at the Build Conference I wrote in to Ryan and Travis of the Windows Developer Show Podcast. They read my email on their latest episode and talked briefly about SpeechJammer and Read to the Younglings.

If you have any interest in Windows Phone or Windows Store development I’d highly recommend listening to their weekly podcast, it is a perfect mix of informative and entertaining content.

I recently added multilingual support to SpeechJammer after learning about the Multilingual App Toolkit. The Toolkit only supports Visual Studio 2012/Windows Phone 8 though, and I wanted to add language support for both WP8 and WP7 versions of my app. I figured out a pretty easy way to do it that I thought would be worth sharing.

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