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One of the greatest things about the Windows Phone community is the willingness of users to contribute their time to help localize apps. With my version 2.2 update I was able to add German to Car Dash thanks to Mark Tepper, and I recently started working with another user to bring Turkish translations to the app. Working on the Turkish translations highlighted a problem for Car Dash though: one of the apps key features is using speech recognition to control the phone’s music player, but Windows Phone 8 does not support Speech Recognition for all languages, Turkish being one of them.


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Let me start this post by thanking DVLUP for providing a free 1-hour design consultation to me and 24 other Windows Phone developers. If you’re a Windows Phone Developer and aren’t a DVLUP member you’re missing out on a great rewards program and you should go join, do it now. When you join DVLUP you can use XP to get rewards like Nokia devices and gift cards, they also recently added design consultations as rewards. Check them out here: 1 hour consultation, advanced consultation and pro consultation. To promote these new rewards they gave out 25 of the 1 hour consultations for free.

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