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Last month at the MMADNJ user group Nick Landry (@ActiveNick) started doing a ‘show & tell’ segment for published app developers to share some of their work. I talked about Car Dash and shared some tips and free resources I used to make the app successful.

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Today I wanted to go into some more details on some of these resources. There a lot of great tools available, and many of them are free for independent app developers.

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The Windows Phone dev center allows you to view crash reports for all of your Windows Phone apps. For C# apps the feature works great, it allows you to see a full stack trace of the exception which should give you enough information to fix the crash. With C++ Apps the stack trace only gives you the memory address of where the exception occurs though. In this post I’ll show you how to find the function where the crash is occurring in your C++ code from this memory address.

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Last July I wrote this post on how to get to the UI thread for any type of Windows Phone 8 App. To summarize the previous post: it’s a straight forward process of using a Dispatcher API for C# or a full C++ Windows Phone 8 apps. But there is no such API available to get to the UI thread from the WinRT Component in a Direct3d/XAML application.

I included a bit of sample code in that post to highlight one method I devised of getting to the UI thread from a WinRT component. But I have since gotten a few requests to provide a sample project. So I worked on a sample app and posted it on github. You can check it out here:

I hope this helps my fellow C++ Windows Phone devs, if you have any questions please leave a comment or reach out to me on twitter: @robwirving