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A few weeks ago Microsoft announced Windows Ad Mediation. Their own solution to the problem that the Open Source AdRotator project has helped app developers with since the early Windows Phone 7 days. Since both AdRotator and Windows Ad Mediation are trying to fix the same problem I wanted to look at the different scenarios for Windows and Windows Phone app developers and see which solution made sense for you.

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A few weeks ago I had the pleasure of recording a podcast episode with Carl Franklin and Richard Campbell of .NET Rocks! Simon Jackson and I talked with them about App Monetization, AdRotator and AdDuplex. The show is now available here:


It was a real honor to be a guest on .NET Rocks! which has got to be one of the longest running podcasts in history. Earlier this summer they recorded their 1000th episode; so to be a part of the show is thrilling.

During the show I mentioned the offer the AdDuplex Developer Advocates have for new users of AdDuplex. I still have the offer available for a few more weeks, just reach out to me on twitter @robwirving or email me at rob.irving [at] catchyagency [dot] com to get a 90% ad exchange ratio for the first six months. This offer is only available to new users of AdDuplex.