• Jan

    The only problem I had with AdRotator in the past was that once it failed for provider it never retried that one for the lifetime of the App. So lets say I want PubCenter all the time, but if nothing is available then do AdDuplex. Then it should retry PubCenter in the next round but it didn’t. I asked the guys form AdRotator and they told that this was indeed the intended behavior. I hope they reconsidered that. I wrote my own rotator back then.

    • robwirving

      It looks like this is still the way it works. I think the behavior is intentional so that the Rotator doesn’t wast time re-pinging a failing ad control, but maybe we can do a better job with it.

      All the code is open source on github, so if you want to change this behavior w/o rewriting your own rotator you could always download the source and modify a few lines of code.

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  • Hey !

    I use AdRotator because AdMediation not support ARM configuration.


    In universal apps mvvm light support only ARM, so I’m block with AdMediation

  • Nice comparison, i will try the adrator today 🙂 My first reason for adrator is that i can use it in WP7.