• TheBuzzSaw


    Programmers are strict about syntax! That includes English!

    • robwirving

      Thanks, fixed 🙂

  • Digest

    Great idea, go for it.

  • Abhinav Gauniyal

    Yes please. You have already purchased the domain , now just fire up a git repository , host it on github and work with the community.

  • Paul Miller

    reposted from Linked-in:

    Yeah, I’d listen to one.

    I’d have these segments each episode:

    * new C++ 0x11/0x14 features – pick a “new” feature that programmers may not be using yet and have guests on who have used it to talk about it

    * C++ toolkit/feature of the week – same thing for core C++ features but for available toolkits (Qt, boost, GLM, etc)

    * C++ for C programmers – pick a “C” way of doing things and talk about the “C++” way, going into implementation details if possible. This would be great for programmers who don’t use C++ because they think its “slow” for some reason.

    I’ve been writing C++ for 22 years. I’d be happy to contribute.

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