All posts for the month July, 2015

I’ve been with ALK Technologies since 2007 and today was my last day. It was my first job after graduating from College, and I am extremely grateful for the opportunities I’ve had while working there. I worked with a great team of both junior and senior programmers and learned a lot about C++, Mobile Development and good Software Engineering practices while there. I will really miss my team at ALK, and will continue using CoPilot GPS as my navigation app of choice.

My family and I have decided we’re ready for something new however, so we’re going on a bit of an adventure. My wife and I have both lived in New Jersey for almost our entire lives (spent about 1 year in Pennsylvania, not much of a difference) but we’ll soon be moving down to the Raleigh area of North Carolina. I’ve accepted a job with PAR Government where I’ll continue using C++ to build Mobile Applications.


The Raleigh area seems like it will be a fantastic place to raise a family and my two kids are both excited by the prospect of moving in to a new home. There also seems to be a much larger developer community in the RTP area that I am looking forward to becoming a part of.

Once I’m settled in to the new job and new home I hope to become more active on this blog again. I haven’t been nearly as active with my apps like Car Dash lately (which needs a Win10 upgrade) although CppCast has been keeping me very busy.