Car Dash

It’s been a long time since I made a substantial update to Car Dash. But I finally released one yesterday.


Car Dash | Microsoft Store

Car Dash now has the look and feel of a Windows 10 Mobile app, and several layout issues that were occurring on Windows 10 Mobile devices will now be resolved.

In addition to that functionality to open apps like Nokia Music, Here Drive and Here Maps which are no longer present on Windows 10 Mobile have been removed, and now the app can open Groove Music and Maps instead.

Is there functionality for Windows 10 Mobile that you think the app is still missing? Please let me know in the comments here, or at my UserVoice. Also, would you be interested in getting Car Dash on your Windows 10 tablet or desktop device? Is there any special functionality that you think a Big Windows version of Car Dash should have? Please let me know.

Car Dash was first brought to Windows Phone as ‘Car Starter’ on October 2, 2013. To celebrate it’s upcoming birthday I will be giving away some $5 Windows Store Gift Cards. I have a total of ten Windows Store Gift Cards to give away, so I’d like to give away one gift card every day between September 23rd and October 2, 2014.

I couldn't find any candles.

I couldn’t find any candles.

To participate in the contest all you need to do is send out a tweet with the #CarDash hashtag, a screenshot or picture of your Windows Phone running Car Dash and a link to this post:


  1. Download Car Dash for FREE –
  2. Take a screenshot or picture of your phone running Car Dash
  3. Tweet your picture with #CarDash and a link to this post!


Giveaway Rules:

The Windows Store Gift Cards are only redeemable in the US, so unfortunately this contest is for US residents only (sorry) and you must be 13 years or older to enter. The gift cards must be redeemed by September 30, 2015 and must be spent within 90 days of redemption. Car Dash is a free app, so there is no cost to enter. One winner will be selected each day from those who tweeted with the #CarDash hashtag.