UpdateCppCast has gone live. Go check out the first episode here: Jon Kalb loves the C++ Community.

I’ve stated before how much I love technology and developer podcasts. I’ve been lucky to be a guest on a few podcasts over the past 2 years, and I recently took up the reigns of the AppBizDev podcast with my fellow AdDuplex Developer Advocate Robert Shurbet. We’ve only done a few episodes so far, but we’re already having a lot of fun with it. I’m hooked.

Our most recent AppBizDev guest, John Sonmez of SimpleProgrammer.com, keeps an awesome list of developer podcasts. As I was perusing this list today I noticed something troubling to me, there were no podcasts dedicated to C++. I went to bing and started searching for C++ podcasts and came up empty. Search results had some links to some videos on Channel 9, audio recordings of presentations by some of the C++ luminaries and a handful of podcast episodes with C++ related guests/interviews. Shows like Hanselminutes and .NET Rocks will have a guest like Herb Sutter, Scott Meyers or Kate Gregory on once in a blue moon. I always enjoy those episodes but they often have the perspective of a non C++ developer (or former C++ dev who hasn’t touched it in years) asking why anyone would be crazy enough to use C++ in a world of managed languages.

I think C++ deserves better, it should have it’s own podcast.

The way I see it there are plenty of potential guests that could be interviewed for such a show, the obvious big names like Herb Sutter, Scott Meyers, Bjarne Stroustrup, Jon Kalb, Kate Gregory, James McNellis, and Kenny Kerr. But also some of the names we may not know, the C++ developers working on Dropbox, Facebook, Microsoft Office; or developers contributing to open source C and C++ libraries like Boost and OpenSSL. C++ is such a widely used language that the variety of potential guests could be pretty daunting.

So I went ahead and just parked the domain for cppcast.com (don’t bother clicking, there’s nothing there yet).

Now I just need to know if this idea has legs. Would you listen to a C++ podcast?
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Let me end this post by stating that I don’t claim to be an expert in all things C++, heck I’m not even the strongest C++ developer at my company. But I like podcasting, and I love C++. I wish there were a C++ podcast to listen to myself, but there isn’t, so why not make one?

A while ago I wrote a post on adding AdDuplex ads to your App Studio App. In that post I added AdDuplex as a fallback option should the PubCenter ad control fail to display an ad. At the end of the post I noted that AdRotator would be a better option for supporting multiple ad providers, but at that time AdRotator did not support Universal Windows Apps. Since then I joined Simon Jackson and worked on adding Universal App support for AdRotator, time for a new tutorial post!

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A few weeks ago CODE.org had its hour of code event. It’s a great program to introduce young kids into computer science and I was really happy to see it take off this year. From my own 5 year old son Connor all the way up to President Obama everyone was learning a bit of Comp Sci.

codescreenshot Screenshot from code.org

Ever since the hour of code event Connor has continued his interest in doing the code.org website lessons. The activities are great, combining games like Angry Birds and Plants vs. Zombies with the blockly visual programming editor. This weekend though I had the idea of bringing the code.org lessons into the real world. Connor and I had a great time making a real world equivalent to the Plants vs. Zombies game and I wanted to share how we did it.

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I love technology podcasts, and subscribe to several of them. With my long commute I honestly don’t know how I would live without them. The Windows Developer Show, .NET Rocks, MS Dev Show, Windows Weekly and Entreprogrammers are some of my favorites (some of which I’ve even had the pleasure of being a guest on 1 2 3). AppBizDev is another podcast which belongs on the list of my favorite shows. But unfortunately there hasn’t been a new episode of AppBizDev in a little over a year.

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A few weeks ago Microsoft announced Windows Ad Mediation. Their own solution to the problem that the Open Source AdRotator project has helped app developers with since the early Windows Phone 7 days. Since both AdRotator and Windows Ad Mediation are trying to fix the same problem I wanted to look at the different scenarios for Windows and Windows Phone app developers and see which solution made sense for you.

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A few weeks ago I had the pleasure of recording a podcast episode with Carl Franklin and Richard Campbell of .NET Rocks! Simon Jackson and I talked with them about App Monetization, AdRotator and AdDuplex. The show is now available here: http://www.dotnetrocks.com/default.aspx?showNum=1063


It was a real honor to be a guest on .NET Rocks! which has got to be one of the longest running podcasts in history. Earlier this summer they recorded their 1000th episode; so to be a part of the show is thrilling.

During the show I mentioned the offer the AdDuplex Developer Advocates have for new users of AdDuplex. I still have the offer available for a few more weeks, just reach out to me on twitter @robwirving or email me at rob.irving [at] catchyagency [dot] com to get a 90% ad exchange ratio for the first six months. This offer is only available to new users of AdDuplex.

Yesterday I had a great time recording a podcast episode with Jason Young and Carl Schweitzer of the MS Dev Show. Simon Jackson and I talked with them about AdRotator and AdDuplex and how you can better advertise and monetize your apps. The show is now available here: http://msdevshow.com/2014/10/getting-rich-with-ads-with-robert-irving-and-simon-jackson/. And if you haven’t already please rate their show on iTunes!


During the show I mentioned the offer the AdDuplex Developer Advocates have for new users of AdDuplex. I still have the offer available for the next few weeks, just reach out to me on twitter @robwirving or email me at rob.irving [at] catchyagency [dot] com to get a 90% ad exchange ratio for the first six months. This offer is only available to new users of AdDuplex.

I also mentioned that I have some AdDuplex $50 vouchers available. If you’d like to get one just tweet out a link to the episode of the MS Dev Show podcast and cc me on twitter.

Earlier this week AdDuplex and Catchy Agency teamed up to launch a new AdDuplex Developer Advocate program, and I’m thrilled to announce that I was selected to be the developer advocate for the US East Coast region.

I’ll be posting instructional and informative content about AdDuplex here on my blog, and I’ll be attending regional user groups and conferences to assist the developer community with AdDuplex adoption and implementation.


I’m joined by two fellow veteran Windows Phone developers:

We’re also being led by the magnificent Rich Dunbar. Rich started the Nokia Developer Ambassador program and is now a Developer Outreach Manager for Catchy Agency.

What is AdDuplex?

AdDuplex is a cross-promotion network specifically targeted at Windows 8 and Windows Phone apps and games. It empowers developers to promote apps for free by helping each other.

Simply put you place an ad control in your app, and it will display ads for other Windows/Phone apps in the AdDuplex network. At the same time other apps will be displaying ads for your app. You can combine this with traditional advertising like PubCenter or AdMob.

Special Offer!

To get started I have a special offer for any Windows developers who are new to AdDuplex. Just reach out to me on twitter or send an email to rob.irving [at] catchyagency [dot] com to get the code before creating your account with AdDuplex. And if you have any questions about AdDuplex or how to implement it in your app, please reach out. I’m here to help you be more successful with your apps.

Already have an app using AdDuplex?

Please share your app with me if you’re already having success using AdDuplex. There may be promotional oppurtunies for you in the future or other giveaways.

Full press release from Catch Agency here: http://catchyagency.com/announcing-adduplex-developer-advocates/.