• Daniel

    Hello Rob,

    My name is Daniel and i create windows phone apps for a year now and i am using adduplex for my apps but i have no success with any of my apps .

    one of my apps delivers 8000 ads per day and i am targeting an other app of mine to promote but the conversion is 1 or 2 or nothing. i have 6 apps on the market and only the on of them has some success with 60.000 downloads but that is not enough because i have no earnings.

    Here are my apps : http://www.windowsphone.com/el-gr/search?q=daniel+getsi

    the antimosquito is the one with the 60.000 downloads

    if you can help me in someway i would be happy.

    • robwirving

      Hey Daniel, Could we discuss this over email or twitter? Please send me some more info at: rob.irving [at] catchyagency [dot] com.